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The Racing Secrets Exposed Members' Club

Profiting from betting on horses is tough.

Very tough.

And yet it is something I manage to do year after year.

It’s not because I’m smarter than you, or even that I work harder.

I just got very, very lucky.

I used to be what you’d probably call a typical punter.

Some days a winner, some days a loser.

But the losing days definitely outweighed the winning ones.

And I was constantly depositing money into my bookmaker accounts instead of withdrawing.

When I look back now I can clearly see where I was going wrong.

I only had a very basic grasp of reading form.

I followed newspaper tips.

(If more than one newspaper had the same nap I was certain it was a sure thing).

I took the views of the TV presenters as gospel.

(I mean they work in TV so they must be experts right? Surely they wouldn’t have got the job otherwise?)

Nope, wrong entirely.

I’d love to say I turned it around all by myself. That I discovered a secret loophole and I’ve been exploiting it ever since.

But that’s not true.

In my case it was down to pure dumb luck…

I owe my success to a chance meeting
with a freelance odds compiler.

Here’s the short story:

A friend of mine runs the local newsagent and got chatting to a regular buyer of the Racing Post.

It turned out this customer was a freelance odds compiler, called Kevin.

And because my friend knew I was obsessed with betting he put me in touch with him.

Fast forward a couple of days and Kevin had very kindly agreed to meet me over a coffee.

As you can imagine I was giddy with excitement.

It’s not everyday you get to pick the brains of an expert.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

The experience was a real eye opener to say the least.

He revealed several obscure techniques
that instantly improved my betting.

He began by explaining the nuts and bolts of odds compilation.

He knew exactly which factors the average punter overestimates and how to price up accordingly.

He revealed what he considered the number one factor that affects a horse race.

(This was something I never even thought of).

He showed me the true way to evaluate recent form.

(Hint: It’s not simply looking at the last three finishing positions).

There are so many factors that affect a horse race it can become really confusing to the average punter.

He explained exactly how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

I learnt under the radar techniques that the average punter completely ignores.

By the end I understood exactly where I had been going wrong all these years.

I soon realised there was a science
to beating the bookmaker.

It’s literally impossible for the casual punter to come out on top in the long run.

My meeting with Kevin only lasted a couple of hours but I had learnt so much I was completely overwhelmed.

By the end of it my head was spinning and I had pages of notes.

I was itching to get started with what I’d learned.

I took everything on board and started doing things differently.

I made a vow to myself that I would put everything into practice.

Slowly things began to slot into place and the winning days began mounting up.

Now, it didn’t happen overnight.

There wasn’t some big secret that I learnt that instantly made me thousands.

It was a long journey.

In fact it took several years of hard work and study (and I’m still learning to this day).

Success in any discipline takes years of dedication.

But now things are different for me.

I now regularly withdraw money from my bookmaker’s accounts (in fact I have to be pretty sneaky so they aren’t closed down!)

I no longer have to pull out my bank card to deposit funds before I can place a bet.

It’s a far cry from where I was several years ago.

It’s taken a lot of effort but as I said at the beginning of this letter, I consider myself very, very lucky.

I know very few punters will ever be fortunate enough to personally learn from an odds compiler.

Which is why I’m doing the next best thing…

I’ll let you have access to my
personal selections everyday.

Here’s how it works…

I have a two phase process.

It begins the evening before where I spend a few hours mapping out the following days racing.

I narrow down the races and specific horses I want to study in more detail.

In the early morning I finish off the process by going over the form with a fine-tooth comb.

I leave no stone unturned and make sure I’ve considered everything.

I start with the basics (going, distance, class and course).

Are the basic race conditions suited to the horse? Are there any question marks whatsoever? I never bet a horse to do something it hasn’t done previously.

Next I look at the booked jockey.

The jockey can have a massive influence on the race. 

Firstly I study the relationship between the jockey and the horses. Have they raced before together? Were they compatible? 

I study in-depth the jockey’s record at the course. Does the jockey perform well at the course? Is he generally over bet or under bet. 

What types of horses does the jockey generally do well on? (Not all jockeys and horses are compatible).

The trainer comes under consideration next.

Trainers often have a speciality. It could be a particular type of course or a particular type of race. 

Is there anything in today’s race conditions that favours a particular trainer? 

Is the trainer genuinely going for a win or is he sneakily trying to fool the handicapper? (You’d be amazed how often this is done.)

Horse fitness and form comes next.

I go back and watch the last few races of a horse to get an idea if the form is worthwhile. 

Has the horse run recently? Is it race fit and running well? Is there any possibly of a bounce? 

Does the horse run well in quick succession or does it need a bit of a rest?

The draw also comes under scrutiny.

This isn’t as simple as simply looking for the best drawn horse. 

That information is well known the the public and as such the best drawn horse is often over bet. 

I go deeper. 

How will the draw affect a particular horse in this particular race. Will it affect its preferred running style? Is it likely to be over bet?

Next I study how the race is likely to be run.

Which horses are going to lead and which are going to be held up. 

Which horses will that suit? Will the draw come in effect? Does the course favour front runners or horses finishing fast from behind?

That’s just a snapshot of the process I go through.

There are other aspects to it but I don’t want to bore you by going into too much detail.

This might seem a lot to take in. And for the novice it is.

(The entire process can take me up to 6 hours).

I certainly didn’t start out with this much detail.

But through years of experience I have my methodology set down.

I know exactly what I’m looking for.

(It’s almost second nature to me now).

And by the end of the process I have my selections ready for the day.

Some I’ll be backing to win.

These are the horses that are completely suited to the day’s racing conditions and have a cracking chance. 

These are the horses the trainers and owners themselves will be backing to the hilt.

Others are lay bets.

Horses that I know the public will be backing. But I’ll have found a chink in their armour. I’ll have found a weakness most punters won’t have spotted.

For a couple of years now I’ve let some of my loyal subscribers have access to these personal selections.

I only open the doors to my inner circle once a year but as a thank you for taking the survey I'm giving you the chance to join right now.

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I don’t advertise in the Racing Post like other big name services.

In fact I don’t advertise at all.

I don’t need to.

I open registration once a year and it’s only open to my subscribers.

It’s a friends only type deal.

If you’re interested in having access to my personal selections this is the only place you can apply.

I’ll let you have access to my selections
FREE for one whole week.

There’s just a small £1 registration fee to be paid today to confirm your place.

After the first week I’ll let you have access to my personal bets for just £24.97 (+VAT) a month.

Even with the tax included that’s less than £1 a day!

(That’s less than the cost of buying the Racing Post every day).

And that’s not all…

My promise to you…
You make money or you don’t pay.

Not only will I give you the first week of access completely free I’ll also throw in a two month no questions asked guarantee.

For two whole months I will let you have access to my selections entirely at my own risk.

This is just my way of showing you how much I believe in my results.

How often do you see the big name tipsters in the Racing Post offering money back guarantees?

That’s right…never!

I do things differently.

I’m able to offer such a guarantee because I get results.

You can test me out without risking a penny.

If at any time during the first 2 months you decide it’s not for you just send me an email and I’ll refund your money.

Absolutely no questions asked.

Now you may be thinking…

“I’ve tried tipping services before.
None of them worked!”

The very fact that all tipsters are useless is the reason why I began sharing my bets with my subscribers in the first place.

When I first started betting I used to ring up tipping line after tipping line.

None of them made a profit.

They ALL cost me an arm and a leg.

After my meeting with Kevin, when I was becoming more adept at picking my own bets, I couldn’t believe the tips I was receiving from some tipsters.

It seemed to me that most of these self imposed tipping geniuses were just regurgitating tips from well known journalists.

The very opposite of what you need to do to profit!

No wonder so many punters have had bad experiences with these charlatans.

I don’t consider myself a tipster.

I don’t have a phone line that costs you over £1 a minute to listen to me drone on.

I don’t have a flashy website promising thousands in profit a week.

I don’t have to spend thousands advertising in the Racing Post day after day, week after week.

I simply share my personal bets with friends.

After I’ve placed my bets in the morning I send an email to my subscribers showing exactly where my money has gone.

In the long run if you follow my bets you will make money as I do. Year in year out.

Not convinced? Try a big name tipster first.

If you’re still tempted by the idea of a big name tipster here’s my advice.

Try them out first!

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Remember I’m so confident I’m taking all the risk.

If you aren’t happy with my selections, they’re free!

So take advantage of this offer whilst you have the chance.

I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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